Coact Imprints

Our story started not long ago, when we embarked this journey with a dream to set a footprint in the global Education and Printing space. With a new defined norm, where clients are looking to diversify their production bases expand their markets, our humble aim was to understand and answer the needs and offer a comprehensive basket of design & print services.

We are situated in world's largest and fastest growing economies-India, which has a distinct advantage with its large internal market, strategic export location and a very upcoming and thriving private sector. Coact Imprints has the geographical advantage of being on the west coast of India and closer to one of the biggest seaports-JNPT Sea Port.

In a short span of time, we have been able to spread our base across Africa and other global destinations like Brazil, Europe, UAE etc.

Coact Imprints offers an unprecedented customer service which is carefully developed by building thought-through processes based on todays Publishing and Printing needs. Today, we are acknowledged as an organization committed to clients because of the good governance, strong regulatory framework, bust & high quality infrastructure and competitive price offerings.


The driving force behind Coact, our founder and CEO brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach to the printing industry. Visionary leadership has propelled the company to new heights, embracing digital advancements, sustainability, and a commitment to shaping industry standards. Under his guidance, Coact has become synonymous with innovation and quality in the world of printing


As Co-Founder and Director at Coact, Vinod Thakur plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's strategic direction. With a deep understanding of the printing industry and a commitment to excellence, Vinod brings invaluable insights to Coact's journey of innovation and industry leadership


Bringing 25+ years of strategic expertise, our Marketing Director at Coact Imprints plays a vital role in shaping the company's global presence. Leading international market expansion with a focus on Africa and Europe, they are recognized for driving business growth and strategic leadership in marketing and communications


With a wealth of experience, our Director of Finance guides Coact's financial strategy, ensuring fiscal health and efficiency. Meticulously overseeing financial matters, their role is integral to Coact's stability and strategic growth, exemplifying a commitment to sound financial management.


Leading the logistics team at Coact, he orchestrates seamless operations in the transportation and distribution of our innovative printing solutions. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, he plays a crucial role in ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction, contributing to Coact's commitment to excellence in every aspect of our services

there is no limit to your imagination & commitment.


We embarked on our journey as COACT IMPRINTS not too long ago. Over time, we have expanded our range of services, gradually incorporating new technologies while also preserving traditional methods when necessary. Our innovative strategies have propelled us to become one of the leading Print Boutiques, serving both domestic and international markets.

We prioritize quality and timely delivery, aiming to elevate our services with professionalism and expertise. Our approach combines cost-effective, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced solutions, captivating every customer and adding significant value to every global assignment.

Addressing the Global Learning Crisis: Our Commitment to Affordable Education

Our humble effort to offer competitive pricing and solutions for books and notebooks so that education comes at affordable cost.

Education has long been critical to human welfare, but it is even more so in a time of rapid economic and social change. The best way to equip children and youth for the future is to give them to learn throughout their careers and their lives.

Despite big global gains in access to education, many children around the world are leaving school unequipped with even foundational literacy and numeracy skills, let alone higher-order 21st century skills.

Many countries face a “severe learning crisis” that undermines economic growth and the well-being of its citizens, according to a new World Bank Study. Few countries have made considerable progress in boosting primary and lower secondary school enrolment, but still millions of children remain out of school, and most of those who attend school are not acquiring basic skills necessary for success later in life.